8 Ways Yoga Promotes Weight Loss

8 powerful factors and all the stuff the diet fads don’t tell you about your body: The first and most obvious approach that addresses underlying causes is to eat healthy nutrient dense organic foods. Another way is to use the ancient science of yoga. I have seen through my work as a yoga teacher that the […]

Nutrition & Superfoods

EVERYDAY SUPERFOODS – the natural feel good mini guide, affordable and delicious at our local doorstep! Yoga deals with the Anamaya (“food body”). What we put into our temple/body, should reflect the sanctity, honor and love that we were born and live for. Remember, buying super-foods are a highly marketed market. ántioxidant’, órganic’, biodynamic’, exotic’, […]

Code of Conduct

A humorous read that is important for all yogis before attending class. Stuff to make yoga great for everyone.


The discipline of focused attention – What you are seeking to move forward in your ‘true self’, requires stillness, self-control and focus.