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EVERYDAY SUPERFOODS – the natural feel good mini guide, affordable and delicious at our local doorstep!

Yoga deals with the Anamaya (“food body”). What we put into our temple/body, should reflect the sanctity, honor and love that we were born and live for.

Remember, buying super-foods are a highly marketed market. ántioxidant’, órganic’, biodynamic’, exotic’, ‘100% pure’, anti-aging’, cruelty free’, vegan….sexed up to appeal to our ears. The rarer it is the more it appeals to us.

Q. What is a super-food?
A. High nutrient or phytochemical content that confers health benefits, with fewer negative properties.’

Nothing we put into the body can completely restore it to the level of health we are striving for. Its not about what you put in, but also what you take out.

Q. What is ‘good food’eating for?
A. Fantastic Nutrition and removing blockages that stifle the natural flow of energy through our many systems. No one food can clean us from top to bottom.

As a child, we start with clean and pure minds, bodies and emotions. Our hearts are open. Our energy levels are enormous. Degeneration come with conditioning, external and internal factors that contribute to toxic health; body, mind and emotions.

It is not a lack of acai powder that breaks down our bodies b ut a lack of basic nutrition and build up of waste residue with no release of blockages created.

There is not one or two super-foods that will get us feeling super again. Take your time and watch this feed and we will provide a basic guide that is practical, achievable and REAL


Sourcing foods from their actual source. This might be difficult based on a lot of our “SUPER”-foods are not necessarily that super once they are transported half way around the globe.

For a native warrior living in the Amazon, in the right season, their response of their body to the root that’s been used by their ancentory for centuries in a ceremonial tea is going to be different to a modern day indo-European adding a teaspoon of maca powder into their smoothy. The point here is, according to our lifestyles, the supplement will work entirely different in your body then the warrior’s.

Wherever you are in the world, naturally occurring, seasonal and inexpensive superfoods can be found in your backyard or within 200km and they taste good!

1. Citrus
One large orange (or a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice) contains a full days’dose of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from free radical damage. No need to spend $20 each morning on your super-food smoothy- unless you really want to!

2. Seaweeds
In Australians, mild iodine deficiency is a widespread problem- it can lead to weight gain, goitre/ swollen thyroid, lethargy, intolerance to cold, increased blood cholesterol, mental slowness, and reduced heart function. Take a trip to your Asian grocer and enjoy nori, wakame and kombu soups and salads to get your iodine fix.


You probably know Kale is king of the leafy green family. But did you know some weeds are even more nutrient-dense then kale? Purslane, nettle, mallow, chickweed and dandelion leaves are common from the side of the road or exposed to weed killer!! weeds that pack an enormous punch. They’re everywhere and FREE! (just make sure you do your research to know what to look for, n)
The USDA deemed dandelion leaves the second more nutritious plant ever tested, trumped by parsley. Half a cup of dandelion leaves equals the calcium in a cup of milk!
Chickweed contains twice as much iron as supermarket greens do.

4. Orange foods
The humble sweet potato contains carotenes which are converted into Vitamin A – happy eyes, bones, and immune system.These phytochemicals also operate as antioxidants, promoting freeradicals- irradicating disease

5. Spicy foods
Want an increased sex-drive?
The sweating that is induced by chilli assists in detoxification, increases your metabolism and stimuates blood flown for pain relief and increased libido.

6. Mushrooms
Mushrooms have been shown to lower risk of breast cancer in studies of Chinese and Korean women. They prevent prostate cancer cells from multiplying in mice and may well do the same in men. A medium Portobello mushroom contains 21% of you RDI of selenium – deficient in australian soil


7. Berries
Both blueberries and Acai berries are packed with anthocyanins, antioxidants that help keep your memory sharp as you age. Athocyanins create teh red, purple and blue colors in many fruits, vegetables and flowers. you dont need acai to stay young; just eat plenty of blue and purple foods!

8. Oily fish
Omega 3 fatty acids reduce the risk of death from heart disease. Fears of PCB’s, dioxins and murcury have scared many people of eating fish. The large deep water fish are overfished adn not sustainable. What is the most sustainable and minimally toxic choice? Wild bream, trevally, whiting, skipjack and bluefish.

9. Ground Spices

Nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, tumeric and mustard contain the highest ORAC (Oxygen radical absorbance capacity) count of foodstuff you can find, far exceeding noni juice or acai berries!!

10. Cacao
Theobromin and trytophan in raw cacao helps us feel good. One of the best dietry sources of magnesium, cacao is great for women who suffer from PMS, as magnesium deficiency aggrevates symptoms. Go for raw cacao nibs – they contain no added sugar, and are healthier way to satisfy chocolate cravings.

Play with your super-foods – remember, dont get wrapped up in the marketing hype and mega dollars to get all the benefits of what is so locally and easily accessible to you.

IT IS NOT EXPENSIVE TO BE HEALTHY. And most of all – your body is a temple. Put it first as an act of appreciation, a gift of life to the world and a source of your joy!