I started my yoga journey only a six months ago at New Day Yoga.

From day one I was made to feel very welcome, the attitude of my fellow students and in particular the buzz that emanates from Bek kept me coming back.

I have had some ongoing health issues over the past twelve months, including hip surgery and a related back injury at work and a hormone imbalance that was preventing me from having normal female cycles. All of this created a sense of powerlessness in me.

Yoga seemed like the perfect thing to get my life and body back in order.

The past six months have been an amazing journey. I have dramatically improved my flexibility and range of motion in my hip and spine. Which has allowed my body to feel relaxed and at the same time strong. Even more surprising to me is the return of normal cycles. Which I attribute to Bek’s personal approach to yoga.

We follow the normal flow of nature, we follow the seasons and weather, we alternate poses determined by the day and night to ensure our bodies are in sync with the world around us.

That and my personal obsession with Salamba Sirasana (supported head stand) which has many benefits, including stimulating the pituitary gland and regulating body cycles.

All these developments in my body have been amazing, however it is my sense of self that has blossomed over the past six months. I have personally been dedicating my yoga practice to ME, yes that’s right, not my family, or competing with anyone else in the room just ME.

It has given me immense confidence, happiness and contentment. It eliminated that sense of powerlessness…… the ability for my body to heal was already in me; I just had to learn how to use it.

I could go on all day, talking about my personal yoga experience, however each person has their own yoga journey. Yoga is not something you completely understand until you’ve given it a go.